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Rosenzweig z"l

Help Us Honor Eitan's Legacy Through an Art Exhibition and Catalog

The exhibition will take place at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

Scroll of Jewish Fate

Eitan Rozenzweig's "Scroll of Jewish Fate" is a 3.6-meter painting that explores the Jewish collective unconscious.

Inspired by Jung's concept of the collective unconscious, Eitan painted the work in a stream-of-consciousness style, without any prior planning.

The work begins with the "Lech Lecha" chapter of the Torah and progresses through the destruction of the Temple to the redemption.

Eitan initially wanted to paint the work with Torah ink, but he eventually used regular ink for technical reasons. The work is a powerful expression of Jewish identity and memory.

Art Pieces

The Akedah / Hoshana Raba

Eitan published a prophetic inscription in a student journal, incorporating a prayer about fiery judgment and sacrifice. A year later, he died defending Israel, fulfilling the inscription’s foreshadowing. He chose a chilling line from a Hoshanah Rabbah prayer. The drawing, inspired by Goya’s work, depicts a Jew praying amidst monsters. The scapegoat, symbolizing atonement, appears with a scarlet thread tied to its horns. Eitan's self-sacrifice aligns with the inscription's prophetic nature, created a year before the "Swords of Iron" War, where he sacrificed himself to save Israel.

In the Depths of the Sea

In this relatively early drawing, we can see Eitan’s growing awareness of the unique language and style he is developing, an awareness that is an expression of the subconscious worlds. The language of compressed shapes is used here to depict the abyss, like a kind of subconscious monster world stirring below the surface of the sea and the land, and within it the great Leviathan lies in its waters, and perhaps a kind of divine spirit hovers over the abyss.

Eitan's Poetry

A small selection from his writings

בקינה לנפש

ויאמר הגוף לנפש: "מדוע את יושבת שם בדד, לבדך אינך נרגשת מדבר. תראי העצים הנצו פרי האדמה המתה מתחילה לפרוח בפרחי האביב. הגבעות כולם ירוקות מלאות צאן הרועים. מה יפים ימים אלה של אביב בתום קור החורף. והינה החיטה הבשילה בשדות, ועץ השסק הכתום עמוס טיפות זהב. אבל מדוע את נפשי השתתקת בלי לומר דבר? הרוח כבר אינה משעשת, הניצוץ כבר אינו בוהק. שובי לך נפשי מארץ חורבה, שובי לך ואדע את אשר אבדתי. מדוע כבר אינך מדברת איתי? האם תמה לך סבלנותך, לאיש בן מות?"
שמש האביב מלטפת כל ניצן ירוק של עשב. רק בי לא נגעה.

מנגינת האל

בשיר בצליל ובזמרה נשמע
בתוך ביתי בחלונות כחולים
צליל מתוק מדבש מלטף כציפור הקיץ
אך חד נשמע כמו תער החותך גרון בליל
והקול אותי מושך למחוזות רחוקים,
נושא אותי מעלה, על רכבל בין ארץ להרים לבנים
ובאופק שם סוסים הדורים
הם כמו הזמן לנצח ידהרו
ורוכבם בכינור ינגן
במוסיקה עדינה ובצלילים פשוטים
ואני ברכבל, את משמעות התווים לא אבין
כי לא אלי הן מדברים, אלא משמעותם להרים הלבנים
אך את המגינה אזכור של פרש מנגן לרכס הרים.


ציפור כחולה

יש ציפור כחולה אחת
כלואה לא יכולה לפרוש כנף.
ולה מקור חד כמחט
ושירי מלאכים מקולה נחשף.

לא נעה לא זעה, הציפור הכלואה.
שרה שירי געגוע על ערב נמוג.
נרעדה ונפלה נוצה כחולה,
ריחפה למטה ברוך ענוג.

איך שרה ציפור כחולה?
למה לך לשיר בכלוב סורגים?
קולי לא ישיר שירה נעלה,
למדי נא לשיר שירת ציפורים.

Eitan Rosenzweig

Staff Sergeant Eitan Dov Rosenzweig, of blessed memory, was born and raised in Alon Shevut, Gush Etzion, the eldest of five children to Uzi and Hagai. He was educated in Gush Etzion and completed his high school studies at the Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva with outstanding honors, receiving recognition from the Ministry of Education. During these years, he was part of the Gush Etzion regional art program. His final project, a 3.6-meter scroll depicting the journey of the Jewish people throughout history, won him first place in national competitions and a scholarship for art studies.

After high school, he went on to study at the Hesder Yeshiva in Yeruham. Eitan was a yeshiva student who dedicated his time to in-depth study alongside a strong desire to learn about the different aspects of Hasidic Judaism. Eitan joined the army through the Hesder Yeshiva program. He served in the Shaked Battalion of the Givati Brigade. He completed his military service before Yom Kippur 2023, and was mobilized during his release leave on October 7, 2023, during Simchat Torah, for the war effort.

Eitan was in the first force to enter Gaza and fought with courage and heroism until he fell in battle in Jabalya on the 9th of Kislev 2023, November 22, 2023.

Eitan was a lover of man and God. Alongside his love of Torah study, he dedicated himself to learning about different sectors of the Jewish people, with a unique curiosity, appreciation, and acceptance. His art expresses, among other things, his deep connection to the story of the Jewish people, its Torah, and its God.

He was 21 years old when he fell. May his memory be blessed.

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Join Us in Honoring a Fallen Hero
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Eitan’s family, friends, and the Jerusalem artistic community want to share his work with the wider public. The Bible Lands Museum has joined the effort and plans to exhibit the scroll, which is about three meters long, along with other works by Eitan. The works engage with the museum’s exhibits, creating a unique dialogue between the past and the present.

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A Life Cut Short. A Work Revealed
Eitan Rosenzweig, a gifted artist and poet, was killedin battle in the Gaza Strip at the age of only 21. Yet, even at such a young age, he left behind a treasure trove of artistic creation. His boundless talent and explosive creativity are evident in his works, despite his lack of formal training.

Witness the Artistic
Journey of a Young Soul In this video, https://youtu.be/bNTmw6-BOYs, you can see an impressive scroll that attests to Eitan’s artistic talent.
But he also left behind other works: paintings, drawings, and poems. Each work has its own story, waiting to be discovered.

About the Exhibition

A Life Cut Short, A Legacy: The Art of Eitan Rosenzweig

This exhibition honors Eitan Rosenzweig, a young artist tragically lost in combat. Through his art, Rosenzweig's profound creativity and vision live on.

Curated by his mentor, Porat Salomon, the exhibition unveils Rosenzweig's artistic journey. A central piece is "Kuma, Mei-Afatzim, Vekankantum," an epic, almost four meter scroll meticulously crafted with ink. This sacred like work reflects Rosenzweig's deep connection to his heritage.

Explore themes of consciousness, collective subconscious, and Jewish destiny through Rosenzweig's art. Witness his personal sketches, poems, and the raw emotions his work evokes.

Join us in celebrating Eitan Rosenzweig's legacy. Embark on a journey through art and destiny, and experience the enduring impact of his work.